About Pattaya

Pattaya is a city beach resort in Thailand that has become extremely popular with a lot of tourists and even expatriates since it exhibits nothing but exquisite beauty and a tranquil ambiance that everyone wishes to indulge and immerse in. Pattaya can be located on the Gulf of Thailand on its east coast, and is about a hundred kilometers away from southeastern Bangkok.

The city is generally popular for its beer and go-go bars, yet the local authorities have been continuously putting a lot of effort to establish more family-friendly activities and attractions in the area. Their efforts include the improvement of the beach’s quality, but are still considered lackluster because of the standards of Thailand, and unfortunately, some of the natural charms in the area have been destroyed because of the over-development in the area. However, despite the situation, it has a large number of guest houses and hotels, plus its easily accessible location from the airport and capital makes it a perfect weekend getaway.

Because of its popularity, Pattaya annually caters to over five million tourists and they provide all of the guests with an excellent selection of dining options, accommodations, as well as activities that they may partake in during their stay in the city.

Hotels in Pattaya

Pattaya Hotels

Pattaya is an excellent beach resort with unparalleled beauty and charm that will entice every family, couple, and even guests who travel alone to explore the wonders and allure of the area. The tranquil and relaxing ambiance that is exhibited in this breathtaking place only makes Pattaya the best place for sneaking into a haven that is away from the busy and bustling chaos of the city. Hotels in Pattaya range from luxurious and grandiose hotels that are complete with conveniences and amenities that are expected from top-notch hotels Pattaya, to the simple yet comforting resorts and beach houses. These accommodations are also available in different styles and prices, so these will definitely cater to every guest’s requisites and needs. Here is a list of the Pattaya hotels that are available, and feature great discounts for their stay in the resort.

The Rabbit Resort

The Rabbit Resort

The award winning and highly popular hotels Pattaya is the Rabbit Resort that is known as a historic village of the Thais that can be located on the stunning Dongtan beach. This breathtaking beach resort exhibits a one and two-storey establishment with about forty-nine rooms available for guests who choose to stay in this beautiful place; and like the rest of the Pattaya hotels that are available, The Rabbit Resort provides nothing but comfort, tranquility, and an escape to a peaceful haven that provides guests with excellent services and conveniences.

Wave Hotel

Wave Hotel

One will find the Wave Hotel right on the Pattaya Beach Road which has become quite popular to the tourists who visit the beautiful resort. Like a few other Hotels in Pattaya, the Wave Hotel can be located in a convenient spot which is about a kilometer away from the city’s center, where guests have easier access to the town’s important facilities.

Royal Wing Suites and Spa

Royal Wing Suites and Spa

The Royal Wing, which can be found on a private beach that displays the Gulf of Thailand, is a contemporary and top-notch resort that is about three kilometers away from the fun and vibrant nightlife on Pattaya’s Walking Street, and about seven kilometers from the lively and exciting Jomtien Beach. Only a few Pattaya hotels offer a wide selection of bars and restaurants where they serve a variety of drinks and dishes that will definitely satisfy everyone’s cravings.

Hotel Baraquda Pattaya

Hotel Baraquda Pattaya

This five-star hotel can be found right in the heart of Pattaya and features around seventy-two rooms that are equipped with fine furniture and conveniences that will benefit those who stay in this hotel. With its interiors, ambiance, and unparalleled services, Hotel Baraquda Pattaya will surely provide all its guests a simply irresistible and memorable experience.

Holiday Inn Pattaya

Holiday Inn Pattaya

The Holiday Inn Pattaya can be found in the city’s famous northern beach road where guests will be able to see a clean and clear view of the ocean in all the rooms available. Although the hotel is extremely stunning and beautiful, it is also set in a very convenient location where the nightlife spots, shops, and other sites are readily available for guests to visit.

Le Viman Resort

Le Viman Resort

This place is a perfect spot to relax and have fun since it is located in a beautiful area in the Phra Tamnak Hill of Pattaya. Le Viman Resort is strategically built in a location where guests can easily access the numerous tourist spots in the area, making it a fun and highly convenient place to stay in while in the beautiful city of Pattaya.

Flights to Pattaya

Flights to Pattaya take tourists to Bangkok International Airport which is about eighty-four kilometers to Pattaya. Today, there are around a hundred and seventeen airlines that fly out of this airport. It offers continuous flights to different cities, and with that, here are the famous airlines that offer cheap flights to Pattaya:

Cheap Flights to Pattaya

Origin Departure date Return date Find Ticket

Hat Yai



Tickets from 76




Tickets from 224




Tickets from 391

Denpasar Bali



Tickets from 556




Tickets from 884

Airlines in Pattaya

This is the second largest airline in the UAE that operates non-stop flights to around forty locations in Asia, Oceania, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, North and South America. Their aircraft cabins are set in various ways and these include the First Class Apartment, Business Studio, First Class Suite, Economy Smart Seat, and The Residence which is a three-room suite. First Class and Business Class passengers may take advantage of the airline’s First Class and Premium Lounge, plus their Arrival Lounge that is located at its Abu Dhabi hub.

This airline operates continuous flights to over twenty different locations in Thailand, Hong Kong, Laos, China, Burma, Singapore, India, and Maldives. The Thai Airways’ fleet includes a few planes that are set with the Business and Economy Class cabins while some other planes are set with only the Economy Class Cabins.

The Thai Airways flies non-stop to over seventy-five locations in thirty-five different countries which include numerous numbers of cities in Thailand, a few points across Asia, Oceania, Europe, the Middle East, as well as in North America.  Their airways include fleet with one, two, and three-cabin configurations that feature the Royal Silk or Business Class, Economy Class, and the Royal First Class.

Things to do in Pattaya

Just like in every beach resort that has a vibrant and fun culture, the attractions that can be found in Pattaya appeal to a vast number of locals and tourists alike. One should plan their trip to this beautiful place and find a lot of fun things to do in Pattaya. Get some ideas about which sights to explore and which places to visit once in the area, so here is a list of the top things to do in Pattaya.

Attractions in Pattaya

Enjoy the Legendary Tiffany’s Cabaret Show which is a Thai tradition that everyone enjoys. The show is a world-class and high-quality transvestite theatrical show and musical that has been ongoing for almost three decades. Their performances are a must-see attraction, and their reputation has actually helped the city become a highly popular place to visit, as well as an anything-goes place in Thailand.

Experience and explore the stunning zoos and parks of Pattaya where guests will be able to enjoy the thrill of coming up close to huge tigers living in their natural habitats. A professional guide will assist those who take part in the tour and give them brief explanations about the majestic animals that are present in the zoo; plus, guests will also be able to feed elephants and other animals, or they can have their photos taken together with a newborn tiger.

This half-day tour to the Nong Nooch Tropical Garden will allow guests to enjoy and immerse in the beauty of this landscaped private park, offering a picturesque view of the multiple-themed verdant gardens on finely made elevated passageways. Guests will be able to view the topiary garden, an amazing recreation of the Stonehenge, and an orchid nursery as well. The guide will accompany those who take part in this tour through the Thai Cultural Hall to be able to watch the everyday performances that varies from classic Thai dances, kickboxing, and the one of the most popular and favorite among tourists, the elephant show.