Cheap Flights to Pattaya

Tourists and guests who fly to Pattaya will automatically land at the Suvarnabhumi Airport or more commonly known as the Bangkok International Airport; it is known as one of the largest airports in the world if based on the area’s total number of hectares. The airport is located about eighty-four kilometers away from Pattaya which is generally convenient via car.

Here is a list of some of the well-known airlines that offer conveniently cheap flights to Pattaya:

Bangkok Airways

The regional airline Bangkok Airways is known as one of the popular airlines that provide some of the cheapest flights to Pattaya. Bangkok Airways operates continuous flights to over twenty locations in Laos, Thailand, Hong Kong, China, India, Maldives, Burma, and Singapore. The airline’s headquarters is located in Bangkok while its main hub is right at the Suvarnabhumi Airport. Bangkok Airways’ set of aircraft includes some that are configured with both the Economy and Business Class cabins yet most of its planes are set with just the Economy Class cabins.

Thai Airways

The Thai Airways is known as the flag carrier of Thailand that operates cheap flights to Pattaya and flies non-stop to over seventy-five areas in thirty-five countries. These areas include a couple of cities in Thailand as well as different points across Asia, Oceania, Europe, and the Middle East. Thai Airways’ fleet includes a combination of one, two, and three cabin configurations that feature the Royal First Class, Economy Class, and the Royal Silk Class or Business Class. For the premium class passengers, they are given access to Thai Airways’ Thai Royal Orchid and Royal Silk lounges.

Etihad Airways

The Etihad Airways is based in Abu Dhabi and is one of the airlines that fly to Pattaya; it is known as the second largest carrier in the UAE, plus it also operates continuous flights to around forty locations in Asia, the Middle East, Oceania, Africa, Europe, North and South America. Etihad Airways’ aircraft have a variety of configurations which include The Residence for a three-room suite, The First Class Suite, First Class Apartment, The Business Studio and also the Economy Smart Seat. Additionally, Etihad also features the First Class, Arrivals, and Premium Lounge that can be utilized by the Business and First Class passengers at the Abu Dhabi International Airport hub.

Hong Kong Airlines

The Hong Kong Airlines flies scheduled passenger flights to over thirty locations from its main hub at the Hong Kong International Airport. These include over twenty areas in China, plus other areas in Vietnam, Japan, Burma, Indonesia, India, the Maldives, Taiwan, and Thailand. Hong Kong Airlines’ fleet is made up of about twenty Airbus A320-200, Airbus A330-300 and Airbus A330-200 planes with a two-cabin configuration consisting of the Economy and Business Class seats. Furthermore, the airline has also acquired codeshare agreements with airlines that include Etihad Airways, Shanghai Airlines, and Air India. Hong Kong Airlines is also one of the popular airlines that offer some of the cheapest flights to Pattaya.


Finnair is one of the largest airlines in Finland and is also the flag carrier of the country. It has a hub at the Helsinki Airport and operates to about eight other locations within the country.  The airline internationally flies to around eight locations across Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America while also being one of the cost-efficient airlines that fly to Pattaya. Finnair is also known to be part of the Oneworld Alliance, plus it also has codeshare agreements with ten other airlines. Finnair’s airplanes include a few that are configured with just the Economy Class seats while the other planes are configured with the three-cabin settings; these include the Business, Economy, and the Economy Comfort Class.

Jet Airways

Jet Airways is based in Mumbai and is known as the second largest airline in India. The airline provides continuous flights to over forty-five domestic locations, plus over twenty international locations in nineteen different countries in Asia, Europe, and also in North America; the airline also offers cheap flights to Pattaya. Additionally, Jet Airways’ main hub can be found at Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai. The airline’s fleet of aircraft includes the single class cabin with Economy Class seats, the twin cabins that feature the Premium / Business and Economy Class seats, then and triple cabins featuring the First, Premium and Economy Class seats.


Known as the largest airline in Europe; the airline flies continuously to around two hundred fifteen locations including eighteen areas within Germany. It also flies to about seventy-eight countries within Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Australia, the Caribbean, plus North and South America. The airline also features a variety of aircraft that features the one-cabin and four-cabin settings which include the Economy Class, First Class, Premium Economy Class, and Business Class seats.

Asiana Airlines

Asiana Airlines offers cheap flights to Pattaya while offering flights to four continents; the airline flies to different areas within Korea, across Asia, as well as in Europe, Oceania, and North America. The airline also offers one of the cheapest flights to Pattaya and has five classes of passenger services including the First Suite Class, The Business Smartium Class, First Class, the Travel Class, and Business Class.

Air France

Air France is the country’s biggest airline that flies to around thirty-five areas within France, and around a hundred and seventy locations in ninety-three different countries. Continuous flights are also available at different points across Asia, Africa, Europe, North and South America. When it comes to Air France’s services, the airline’s international long-hauled flights offer three to four classes of services while their short and medium-haul flights feature the three-cabin configuration.

Turkish Airlines

The Turkish Airlines flies to more than two hundred eighty-seven points which are actually more than any other airline that flies to different points all over the world. This airline also offers cheap flights to Pattaya plus it also flies to fifty-one domestic locations and about a hundred and thirteen countries in Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, and South America. Its fleet is made up of planes with two-cabin configurations: the Economy and Business Class, as well as the three cabin configurations: Economy, Business Class, and Premium Economy.