Weather in Pattaya

The weather in Pattaya is undeniably hot throughout the year but despite this, a lot of travelers from all over the world still visit the area. The average peak temperature in Pattaya is about 29 degrees Celsius and it can be located close to the peak of The Gulf of Thailand. Pattaya is also susceptible to yearly monsoons while having three seasons.

For travelers, the best time to visit the city is from November to April when there is only a little amount of rain and a lot of sunshine. However, the climate in Pattaya is warm all year round and even if the risk of rain is heightened during the low season, there are still a lot of sun-lit days which is why the rainy months is still a period where a large number of visitors flock the area.

Listed below are all the twelve months in a year, and how the Pattaya weather is during these certain months:

Pattaya Weather in January

This month is the most popular month to visit Pattaya; on January, the climate is commonly relaxing and comfortable since this is the time when humidity is at its lowest. Furthermore, the Pattaya weather in January has lesser chances of rain compared to December.

Pattaya Weather in February

Just like January, February is another popular time to visit the city since the weather in Pattaya during most days of this month are sunny and not humid.

Pattaya Weather in March

The Pattaya weather in March is generally sunny like the weather during January and February; however, its temperature gets a little higher since the hottest time of the year is fast approaching. Even if the weather has become slightly hotter, visitors still consider this month as one of the great months to visit.

Pattaya Weather in April

Although this is already the hottest month in Pattaya, visitors still arrive in the city to experience the Songkran Water Festival which occurs for the locals to celebrate Thai New Year. There are still more travelers who stay away from Thailand during this time of the year due to the extreme heat of the Pattaya weather.

Pattaya Weather in May

At times, the weather and temperature in Pattaya can be nice and tolerable, yet May is known as one of the wettest months in the area. This is the reason why the number of tourists drops during this season which leaves the clubs and bars more quiet than usual.

Pattaya Weather in June

There is less rainfall in June compared to the month of May which is why tourists can be lucky to get various discounts on hotels and travel. This is one of the more famous wet seasons in Pattaya which is why the nightlife scene and tourist spots tend to get slightly busy.

Pattaya Weather in July

The month of July is quite similar to June when it comes to its temperature and climate. It is among the drier months of the year which means that visitors may be lucky to experience better weather.

Pattaya Weather in August

August is known as the last driest month of the wet season where rainfall tends to increase especially at the end of the month.

Pattaya Weather in September

With the months of October and May, the weather in Pattaya is known to be one of the wettest months of the year where high chances of rain or thunderstorms occur.

Pattaya Weather in October

The climate during the month of October is similar to September which only means that it is another one of those quiet months of the year. It is also usually hot and extremely humid where the temperature in Pattaya reaches around thirty degrees Celsius.

Pattaya Weather in November

Generally, November is the month when the wet season ends yet there are still occurrences of rainfall within the month. The latter weeks of the month have better chances of getting a much better schedule.

Pattaya Weather in December

December is known to be one of the busiest times of the year since big crowds flock the area for a fun and relaxing time. The Pattaya weather during December is generally sunny and has an average temperature of 29 degrees Celsius.